Legislative Information

From the desk of Dr. Mark Klaisner, former ICEARY President

Hello everyone. Here is your next call to action!!

We are providing two more ways that you can have your voice be heard on behalf of our students.

  1. Here is the link to the state board of elections site by which you can find your legislator.


  1. Here is the PowerPoint that describes how to use the General Assembly dashboard to file an electronic witness slip. Click <here>.

Thanks to our Lobbyist, Maureen, for supplying these resources.

ICEARY Encourage everyone to contact their Legislators!  State Senators and Representatives will listen to their constituents!  Make sure you include your name and address in the envelope and letter.  By including names (personal and/or school) and addresses, the legislators will be able to identify the constituents in their districts.  Please send your letter to both their office in the local precinct as well as Springfield.  Need a sample letter to get you started?  Check these out!

Looking for an easy way to get your parents’ input for legislators?  Check out this sample form used by one RSSP, to get their parents comments on paper.

Talking points to use when visiting with legislators.  Need some help contacting your legislators?  Check out the legislative website!

Chart of Chronic Truancy and Truancy Rates for Illinois.

ICEARY Bills to Watch

Check these out and form an opinion! Harold Sweeney (hsweeney@kidsroe.org) wants to hear from YOU!


Public hearings scheduled to guide ISBE’s budget planning for fiscal year 2018
State education leaders urge parents, educators, students to provide feedback on budget at hearings in Springfield, Chicago, and Granite City

The Illinois State Board of Education (ISBE) will host public budget hearings in Springfield, Chicago, and Granite City to collect feedback and hear ideas from education stakeholders and advocates.

The public budget hearings for fiscal year 2018 will take place in:

·         Springfield – Thursday, Oct. 20, immediately following the Board meeting (approximately noon) in the Board Room at ISBE (100 N. First St.)

·         Chicago – Friday, Nov. 18, immediately following the Board meeting (approximately 1 p.m.) in Conference Room 16-503 at the Thompson Center (100 W. Randolph St.)

·         Granite City – Monday, Nov. 21, 4 – 6 p.m. in the Atrium at Granite City High School (3101 Madison Ave.)

ISBE encourages all stakeholders and community members – including those attending a hearing in person – to submit their comments on the budget by completing a budget request form (available athttp://www.isbe.net/budget/) and emailing the form to isbeFY18@isbe.net.

Special thanks to our students testifying on behalf of TAEOP and RSSP!

Students on the alternative education pathway did not look at the regular public education system and decide alternative was easier. They simply had obstacles in their path that made their educational journey more difficult and they sought out alternative placement to keep them on the path. Our students are children of trauma: many have witnessed more violence, addiction, drugs and crime in their young lives than most adults see in their entire lives. Students come from single family homes where their parent has to work multiple jobs and leans on their children to take care of one another. I’ve worked with students who’ve been physically abused to the point they flinch if anyone dares to touch their shoulder even in congratulations on a job well done. Homes in chaos, parents and siblings in jail and homelessness are common circumstances for students in alternative education.

Our alternative education programs work so well because we work to keep our class sizes small, get parents involved in a positive manner with school and get to know our students. We help our students and families find community resources to assist them through difficult times and keep them on the pathway to success.