Outstanding Student Awards

2016 Outstanding Student Award Winner

Congratulations to Crystal Harris!


Celebrate Our Students Successes

Antonio Jones

Nominated by Bryan Kendall and Kara Quick

Region 6 – Regional Alternative School

Antonio has genuine kindness in his soul that is demonstrated daily. Through all the changes Antonio has already experienced in his life, one thing has remained: his yearning for an education. We are very proud of Antonio today, and will be even more proud of him in the future as we watch him succeed.

Jessica Shaw

Nominated by Amber Kidd

Region 7 – ROE #3 TriStar Academy Safe School

Jessica has gone from having very little hope to seeing a future full of opportunities. She comes to school everyday and typically with a smile on her face. She is encouraging to others and has a very bright future.  We can’t wait to see what her future holds.

Collin Snyder

Nominated by Debbie Ervin

Region 2 – Lafayette Academy

Collin has, and is overcoming every obstacle in his way. He is on the honor roll and was the student of the semester. He is always being helpful to staff, as well as other students. He has been accepted at Lincoln College of Technology in Indiana and I am so proud of Collin and the student he is now.

Matt Star

Nominated by Jeremy Castro

Region 8 – Regional Alternative Program

We are so proud of Matt! He experienced many challenges and struggled to stay out of trouble but everything changed when he came to R.A.P. He was able to finish his graduation requirements this past December, and is on his way to a career he will enjoy. He is currently fielding offers to become a full time welder.

Crystal Harris

Nominated by Laura Benhoff

Region 7 – ROE #3 New Approach High School

Crystal is one of the best success stories of our program and a true testament of hard work and determination. It took her a few tries to get it right here, but she eventually did.  She is a proud mother to a baby born in October 2015.  This didn’t stop her from graduating in December 2015 and she is now working as an in-home health aide and hopes to begin college soon.  She is a true survivalist.

Shaine Moschernrose

Nominated by Ashley Jansen

Region 7 – Aspire High School

Dependable, kind, hard-working. Shaine is one of those kids who always has a smile on his face and is always willing to help his teachers and fellow peers. Shaine was struggling to find who he was and what he needed to do to succeed in life. He has become a new kid though with his positive attitude and heart for helping others. He is a joy to have in class. He will graduate in May and is working towards becoming a mechanic or welder.

Spencer Craig

Nominated by Laura Benhoff

Region 7 – ROE#3 New Approach High School


Spencer came to us as a shy, young 14 year old ready to drop out of school. Since being here Spencer has truly blossomed and revealed a pleasant and outgoing personality. She has also become a student leader in the classroom. She has a positive attitude and is a caring and compassionate person. She became a true success story and although all were sad to see her go, we were proud to announce her graduation in December 2015.

Madalyn Worden

Nominated by Debra Quinn and Susan Demming

Region 3 – West Aurora High School and Quad County Urban League

Although personal struggles continued, Madalyn was not deterred.  In late October, she celebrated with her official high school completion. She wasn’t finished there, she set her sights on college and continued working with her mentors to allow herself the skills necessary to enter college as a true freshman. Everyone is so impressed with her fortitude and so proud of her accomplishments, even in the midst of some unexpected sorrow. True grit, resolve, strength of character, all formidable characteristics and all eloquently apply to Madalyn.

Isidro Alejos

Nominated by Karin Tobin

Region 3 – U46 ROE Program

Isidro always has a smile on his face and is respectful to his teachers, staff, administration, as well as his peers. His manners are that of a gentleman, and he will always greet you with a handshake and a smile. Although he suffered traumatic tragedy and loss early in his life that deeply affected him, he has worked hard to overcome these things. It has been a joy to get to know him. We have been working with him towards his short-term and long-term goals, and know that he has a successful and rewarding journey in store for him.

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